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    Thinking of Our Colleagues Affected by Hurricane Harvey

    Darrell G. Kirch, MD
    Darrell G. Kirch, MD, AAMC President and CEO

    The AAMC is extremely proud of our colleagues in Texas and Louisiana who are working together around-the-clock to care for their patients and maintain the vital services they provide to their communities devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

    That teaching hospitals have been able to sustain their operations during, and in the wake of, this unprecedented storm is a testament to the intensive emergency preparation and planning they have done over the years, and their tireless dedication to preserving life and safety.

    Although the storm is passing, conditions will remain challenging for weeks—and perhaps months to come—requiring both significant resources and a well-coordinated effort to meet the needs of affected communities, institutions and their employees, students, and residents.

    America’s medical schools and teaching hospitals stand ready to help our colleagues and their communities recover, and we are keeping them in our thoughts during this difficult time.