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The 340B Drug Pricing Program

Congress created the 340B Drug Pricing Program in 1992 to protect safety-net hospitals from escalating drug prices by allowing them to purchase outpatient drugs at a discount from manufacturers. The program provides communities with access to life-saving services at no cost to taxpayers because the financial support comes from manufacturer discounts. Hospitals often use the savings they receive to provide services to low-income and uninsured patients.

340B Helps the Most Vulnerable Patients

One of the most effective health care programs, 340B comes at no cost to taxpayers. Learn how the program benefits teaching hospitals, patients, and communities


340B Simplified

Understand everything you need to know about the 340B Drug Pricing Program in less than four minutes. 

Spiraling drug costs and threats to the 340B program hurt patients

Addressing high prescription drug costs and protecting the 340B Drug Pricing Program are critical to improving the health of patients and communities.

We need 340B

This effective drug-savings program is not only a lifeline for low-income patients, argues the CEO and president of Rhode Island’s largest health system.

340B Is Critical to Safety-Net Hospitals and Their Patients

Download infographic (PDF) illustrating how hospitals utilize savings from 340B to provide services for their patients. 

AAMC Statement for the Record on 340B

The AAMC submitted this statement for the record to the House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee (PDF) in advance of their hearing, “Opportunities to Improve the 340B Drug Pricing Program,” in July 2018.

Protecting 340B in the Courts

Hospital Groups File Lawsuit to Shine Needed Light on Drug Company Pricing and Overcharging

Joint statement by the American Hospital Association (AHA), Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), America's Essential Hospitals, and 340B Health

Hospital Groups to Continue to Pursue Lawsuit to Reverse Cuts for 340B Hospitals

Joint statement by the American Hospital Association (AHA), Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), and America's Essential Hospitals

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