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Assessing and Communicating the Value of Biomedical Research

100 Metrics

Biomedical research positively affects society in many ways, but traditional metrics used to assess the impact of research focus on outcomes that are mainly of interest to the academic community. In early 2013, the AAMC, in collaboration with RAND Europe, initiated a program to help communicate the full value of biomedical research and respond to increasing expectations for accountability and transparency in the use of research funds.

This report is the culmination of that partnership and presents 100 ideas for metrics that can be used to assess and communicate the value of biomedical research. The metrics were identified and selected over the course of the collaboration.

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New Publications in Academic Medicine

From Inputs to Impacts: Assessing and Communicating the Full Value of Biomedical Research 

Assessing and Communicating the Value of Biomedical Research: Results From a Pilot Study 

Background Research

Measuring ResearchMeasuring Research: A Guide to Research Evaluation Frameworks and Tools is a systematic review of existing approaches to research evaluation created by experts at RAND. A research brief accompanied the report.

Following the report, three panels of key research leaders  is basic, clinical outcomes, and health equity research met to discuss how evaluation tools and framework could be tailored to work within a variety of institutional structures, missions and disciplines. The resulting workshops produced a more streamlined set of proposed tools and metrics that matter to a broader set of research stakeholders.

To verify and build on the insights of the expert panelists, the AAMC and RAND consulted with community members, research administrators, and legislators. This third effort validated the panelists' findings and contributed novel insights  on ways to improve the assessment and communication of biomedical research.

Related Webinar

AAMC held a webinar introducing this initiative on July 8, 2013. In it, the RAND Europe authors summarize the background report and AAMC Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Ann Bonham discusses goals and next steps.

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Dr. Bonham examines the opportunities and challenges of research evaluation for The Scientist.

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