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Teaching for Quality

Program Overview

Teaching for Quality (Te4Q) is a faculty development certification program that trains clinical faculty how to effectively teach quality improvement and patient safety (QI/PS) to medical students, residents, and other clinicians. By training clinical faculty how to integrate QI/PS across the continuum of medical education, Te4Q ensures that QI/PS is a part of medical education from day one.

Te4Q was created in response to an identified gap in the education of students, residents, and practicing clinicians in quality improvement and patient safety. Te4Q also supports multiple national academic and clinical priorities for improved patient and health care outcomes, with an emphasis on progressive accreditation requirements (e.g., those of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education).

To see if Te4Q is right for your institution, view the Why Te4Q  assessment tool.

How the Program Works

Teaching for Quality (Te4Q) certificate program is designed to assist clinical faculty improve their teaching and learner assessment in quality improvement and patient safety. Eligible participants must have some experience in quality improvement and patient safety prior to entering the Te4Q program.

After being selected by their institution be a Te4Q participant, and prior to attending the on-site workshop, participants are asked to review core reading materials, complete the beginning of their educational project plan, and complete a self-assessment of QI/PS proficiency and teaching skills.

The 1.5 day-long workshop is delivered by AAMC expert faculty. The interactive workshop covers the following topics:

  1. Overview of Adult Learning Principles
  2. Creating Effective Learner-Centered Education in QI/PS
  3. Knowing What to Teach
  4. Assessing the Impact of an Educational Intervention
  5. Making the Case for Educational Innovation and Leading Change

After the workshop, participants work to develop and implement their educational projects, collaborate with a community of learners through webinars, engage with mentors, and disseminate their project though presentation or publication.

How to Bring Te4Q to Your Institution

Bringing Te4Q to your institution is a significant step towards effectively integrating quality improvement and patient safety into your institution's medical curriculum and culture. Please contact Te4Q staff at for more information. Te4Q sites are asked to bear direct expenses of travel and accommodation of AAMC faculty, along with other costs related to workshops, project development, and continuing AAMC support. For more information, view our How Te4Q Works page.

Te4Q Individual Participant Materials

Site Materials

More Information

Bringing Te4Q to your institution is a significant step towards integrating quality improvement and patient safety into both your institution's medical curriculum and culture. Below you will find additional informational material for Te4Q:

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