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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Education in Pediatrics Across the Continuum (EPAC)?

What if I don’t choose to participate in EPAC activities or the EPAC program…can I still become a pediatrician?

What if I’m not sure yet whether I want to purse a career in pediatrics?

I’m not ready to think about future specialties but I want to keep the door open for pediatrics. Can I pursue pediatrics if I’m not involved in EPAC?

What if I enter EPAC and decide it is not right for me?

What if the number of students interested in all or part of the EPAC program exceeds expectations?

If I choose to participate in EPAC, will that limit my ability to graduate from medical school or to pursue other medical areas of interest?

What if I want to pursue pediatrics or a pediatric-related field and I do not do an EPAC activity? Is that OK?

If I chose not to participate in the early EPAC activities, but later decided to pursue pediatrics, can I still participate in EPAC?

I have plans to take time off during my medical training to pursue additional degrees or other activities. Can I still participate in all of EPAC?

I am a first year student interested in EPAC — what do I need to do now?

Can other schools join EPAC?