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CDC’s Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS): A Unique Fellowship for Physicians

March 9, 2016 (60 min.)

When outbreaks happen that threaten the public’s health, elite disease detectives from CDC’s Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) External Link are on the scene. Whether for recent events like Zika virus or lead poisoning, or historic public health threats like smallpox or Legionnaires’ disease, EIS officers are CDC’s boots-on-the-ground. They step up at a moment’s notice to investigate outbreaks in the U.S. and all over the world. Their detective work protects people and save lives.

This webinar highlights CDC’s EIS program, a unique 2-year post-doctoral fellowship in applied epidemiology. This webinar is an opportunity for students, residents, faculty, and practicing physicians to understand the value of a hands-on public health experience and how it complements clinical skills. Hear directly from physician EIS officers about their life-changing career experiences in responding to disease outbreaks and working on meaningful public health issues. Attendees will be able to submit questions during an extended Q&A session at the end.

Malika Fair , M.D., M.P.H., Senior Director, Health Equity Partnerships and Programs, AAMC
Rebekah Apple , M.A., Senior Manager of Programs, American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
Joshua Mott , Ph.D., M.A., EMT-P, Chief, Epidemic Intelligence Service, Division of Scientific Education and Professional Development (DSEPD), Center for Surveillance, Epidemiology and Laboratory Services (CSELS)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Prathit Kulkarni , M.D., EIS Officer assigned to the New Jersey Department of Health
Amelia Kasper , M.D., M.H.S., EIS Officer, Division of Environmental Hazards and Health Effects, National Center for Environmental Health, CDC
Michael Gronostaj , M.D., Pharm.D., M.P.H., Medical Epidemiologist, Field Support and Response Team, Epidemiology Workforce Branch, Division of Scientific Education and Professional Development (DSEPD), CDC
Wences Arvelo , M.D., M.S., EIS Team Lead for Evaluation, Recruitment, Selection, and Analysis, CDC

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