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Privacy Policy

To help inform national policy decisions and to aid institutional management efforts, the AAMC Faculty Roster has been collecting data on faculty at U.S. MD-granting medical schools since 1966. Examples of this data include a faculty member's name, medical school of employment, department, rank, rank start date, rank end date, nature of employment (full-time, part-time, volunteer, emeritus), degree, sex, and birth date. A comprehensive description of the collected data is in the FAMOUS User's Guide . Each medical school maintains the information for its own faculty, and each medical school may edit its own faculty only.

Faculty who wish to review their information should contact their respective Faculty Roster Representative. If there are modifications to make, the representatives will work with the faculty to make them.

Occasionally, the AAMC permits research on faculty information. As part of a contract with the AAMC, the NIH receives a snapshot of data to address a variety of issues, such as the distribution of faculty across departments, the proportion NIH trainees who become faculty, and the age of faculty. Other research must be reviewed by Institutional Review Boards to ensure that faculty will not be harmed.

This policy has been effective since March 1, 2005. Refer to this web page for changes to the policy.

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