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U.S. Medical School Faculty

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The annual report "U.S. Medical School Faculty" is a set of tables and trend analyses that answer common questions about the national distribution of full-time faculty. The information is displayed by various characteristics such as department, rank, degree, tenure status, sex, and race/ethnicity. The trends summarize changes in full-time faculty attrition and promotion rates and in the distribution of full-time faculty, department chairs, and medical school deans across various dimensions over time. Starting in 2017, the U.S. Medical School Faculty report also includes five supplemental tables showing information on department chairs, full-time faculty hires, departures, and promotions, and full-time faculty by race/ethnicity (alone and in combination). Starting in 2018, the U.S. Medical School Faculty report also includes an additional table (Table 20) that will be included in the report moving forward.

The data in this report are refreshed annually in January. For the most recent data, please contact your medical school's Faculty Roster Representative for access to FAMOUS, where much of these data are refreshed daily, going back to 1966. For a complete list of Faculty Roster Representatives by medical school, refer to the Member Directory for Roster Representatives.

Note that the AAMC Faculty Roster does not necessarily reflect official faculty counts. As a result, the figures in these tables should be viewed and used with care. While the proportion of faculty across key variables may be reasonably accurate, the number of faculty may not be. For official LCME faculty counts, please visit the Medical School Profile System. Although the Medical School Profile System reflects official faculty counts that institutions provide as part of their accreditation process, the Medical School Profile System does not always provide the kind of detail that the Faculty Roster provides. Moreover, the LCME collects aggregate data from medical schools once a year, while the Faculty Roster collects individual faculty data from medical schools on a rolling basis—these two different methodologies can lead to discrepancies.

FAMOUS Reports

The FAMOUS application allows users to access aggregate data on faculty and chairs in a variety of ways over time, such as by department, degree, rank, tenure status, sex, age, and race/ethnicity. There are institution-specific reports as well as national reports. Among the reports are alumni reports, retention reports, promotion reports, demographic reports, and educational reports. If you are interested in access to aggregate FAMOUS reports, please contact your medical school's Faculty Roster Representative. These individuals will work with you to determine how best to meet your information needs, whether by granting you independent access to FAMOUS or pulling the information for you from FAMOUS. For a complete list of Faculty Roster Representatives by medical school, please refer to the Member Directory for Roster Representatives.

Special Reports

Faculty Roster staff can conduct special reports for noncommercial purposes for individuals whose needs are not met from existing reports. Special reports may vary from simple analyses requiring minimal programming to complicated analyses requiring significant time and effort. The charge for a special report depends on the length of time to complete the analysis.

To request a special report, click the Request AAMC Data link below. This link will take you to a form where you should enter the specific information that you are requesting and how you intend to use the information. Be aware that submitting this form does not guarantee that the AAMC will fulfill your request. Factors related to whether the AAMC fulfills a request include, but are not limited to, availability of data, AAMC resources, AAMC membership status, human subjects research protections, and data privacy and release policies.

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