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Table A-2: Undergraduate Institutions Supplying Applicants to U.S. Medical Schools by Applicant Race and Ethnicity, 2018-2019

The tables below list the U.S. institutions that granted the most undergraduate degrees to U.S. medical school applicants who self-identified on their 2018-2019 applications as being of a race or ethnicity group. Applicants could select one or more race or ethnicity categories; the totals in each category therefore include all individuals who selected that category, alone or in combination with any other category.  Numbers include U.S. citizens and Permanent Residents only.

Multiple factors affect someone's decision to consider a career in medicine and to apply to medical school. Among these are: experience in and exposure to the health professions; opportunities for career advice from and mentoring by physicians and other health professionals; personal interests, abilities, and aptitudes; parental expectations; and undergraduate academic preparation.

The data in these tables are for informational purposes only; they should not be interpreted as an assessment of the quality of an institution's premedical educational or advisory programs. Questions about undergraduate premedical preparation and advising at a specific institution should be addressed to that institution's pre-health advisor.

A-2.1. Black or African American  Applicants

A-2.2. American Indian or Alaska Native  Applicants

A-2.3. Hispanic or Latino  Applicants

A-2.4. Asian  Applicants

A-2.5. White  Applicants

Applicant and Matriculant Data Charts