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Academic Medicine Investment in Medical Research: Summary and Technical Reports

More than half of National Institutes of Health (NIH) extramural funding—roughly $13 billion in FY 2014—supports researchers in the nation’s medical schools and teaching hospitals. With decreasing federal research support in real dollars and increasing budgetary pressures, funding for medical research is at risk. Academic medical centers must subsidize funds with their own investment to cover both direct and indirect costs.

To measure the comprehensive investment of academic medicine in research, the AAMC partnered with 12 pilot institutions and Huron Consulting Group to develop a survey tool, to which 46 institutions responded. Two reports presenting the findings of the survey are available for free download:

Academic Medicine Investment in Medical Research (PDF)

This 8-page white paper presents the overall findings, which illustrate the substantial investments in research by academic medicine and illustrate the growing gap in funding that puts medical research at risk with the absence of predictable, consistent, and sustainable federal funding.

Academic Medicine Investment in Medical Research: Technical Report (PDF)

This 24-page report describes details relating to the metrics derived from the survey results, including results that are stratified by public and private institutions and by research intensity. The report also presents 25 additional metrics and graphs, including frequency charts showing distributions of the results from the survey, such as sponsored programs expense by sponsor type, institutional investment, and facilities and administrative (F&A) recovery rate by sponsor type.

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Disclaimer: Responses were received from 46 institutions of a total of 57 who received the survey. Eight institutions reported incomplete data because of limitations in data reporting from their financial systems. Data presented may not be representative of all medical schools. Individual data is not available for use. Detailed summary data is available in the technical report.