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Telehealth Competencies

Over the past 20 years, medical education has improved in many ways, including in how outcomes such as competencies are defined and used to guide teaching and learning. To support this kind of positive change, we continue to build the AAMC New and Emerging Areas in Medicine Series.

The second report in this series focuses on telehealth competencies across the continuum of medical education. It presents a roadmap for curricular and professional development, performance assessment, and improvement of health care services and outcomes.

The competencies are organized across six domains: 

  1. Patient Safety and Appropriate Use of Telehealth
  2. Access and Equity in Telehealth
  3. Communication via Telehealth
  4. Data Collection and Assessment via Telehealth
  5. Technology for Telehealth
  6. Ethical Practices and Legal Requirements for Telehealth

The competencies have been developed over three tiers that represent developmental stages in physician development: 

  1. entry to residency or recent medical school graduate
  2. entry to practice or recent residency graduate
  3. experienced faculty physician or three to five years post-residency

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