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Becoming a Successful Department Chair

For those who are new to being a department chair or those who want to increase their skills, these toolkits provide information on beginning, growing into and hiring as a department chair. 

Becoming an Effective Leader

New to a leadership role? This toolkit offers guidance on how to approach your new role from running meetings to learning what supervisors expect from you in your new position. 

Hiring the Best Talent

New to hiring? A good search process can be key in finding the most qualified individual for the role of department chair. This toolkit will help identify best practices and pitfalls to avoid in advance, and find the best possible candidates.


Thriving is the third and final installment of the AAMC’s Successful Medical School Department Chair series. It covers performance assessment, compensation, creating a department culture, and thriving as a department and as a leader. 

Thriving as an Interim or Acting Leader

For temporary leaders, there is very little guidance for the role. Use these resources to help you prepare and negotiate conditions for success as an interim leader.