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    Mid-Career Women Faculty Leadership Development Seminar

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    This highly engaging three day seminar is designed to provide mid-career women faculty with the knowledge and skills necessary to support their continued progress along the path to leadership in academic medicine and science. The seminar covers organizational leadership topics and career advancing strategies that are essential for effective leaders throughout various mission-critical activities.

    Participants will benefit from a combination of general sessions and self-selected, small group breakout sessions, providing participants the ability to tailor the seminar to their specific learning needs and interests. The personalized curriculum and interactivity of this seminar will enable attendees to enhance their leadership capabilities and employ strategic thinking about their career progression.

    Who Should Attend?

    The Mid-Career Seminar is designed for women physicians and scientists with an appointment at an AAMC member school of medicine, with a minimum of two years of experience (from the date of the seminar) as an Associate Professor. Mid-career applicants should have demonstrated leadership ability, either in formal administrative or other leadership roles. Applicants should have a minimum of eight years’ experience in academic medicine and science and actively seeking promotion opportunities to advance to the next stage of their career, along the path to full professorship and/or other advanced leadership positions. Due to high demand, and limited capacity, we are unable to accept anyone outside of this target audience.

    Upcoming Seminar

    December 6-9, 2022
    Hyatt Regency Indian Wells
    Indian Wells, CA

    Application & Fees

    The application process for the 2022 seminar will become available in early August, remain open for a maximum of four weeks, and will close once applications exceed capacity.

    The application fee for the 2022 seminar is $2300 and includes payment for the seminar, course materials, some meals and networking activities. The application fee does not include the optional CME fee, travel expenses, or hotel accommodations. Applicants must provide a credit card to submit a completed application; however, the card will not be charged until notification of acceptance has been received.  

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    The AAMC believes that gender equity is key to achieving excellence in academic medicine. As women continue to be underrepresented in key leadership positions within the physician and scientific research workforce, the early and mid-career women faculty seminars strive to provide participants with critical knowledge, skills, and strategies to enhance their leadership skillset and increase their confidence in seeking advancement to the next stage of their career.

    Previous attendees have provided feedback regarding the positive impact of full participation in all seminar programming, including plenary and breakout sessions, peer collaboration activities, and evening networking events. These seminars are designed to immerse and engage you in an intensive learning experience through interactive table discussions, focused learning and application, and networking opportunities. Please consider applying to a seminar at a time that best allows you to be fully present in the classroom and engage in all activities to maximize the overall impact of the experience for yourself and the other participants.

    Program Objectives

    At the completion of the seminar, participants will be able to:

    • Apply critical knowledge from the seminar and create an actionable plan to achieve career goals.
    • Acquire personal and organizational strategies for successful leadership in academic medicine and science.
    • Expand their networks of mentors, sponsors, and colleagues to increase engagement with peers

    Questions? Email learningandleadershipdevelopment@aamc.org.