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    Leveraging the Power of Self-Awareness to Lead More Effectively

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    Without the capacity to recognize how your unique frame of reference affects your work on a team, your reactions to others, and how you see a situation, it can be virtually impossible to be an effective team member or leader in academic medicine. Whether you’re an individual contributor or someone who leads a team, the ability to objectively evaluate your values, personality, needs, and hidden biases is integral to building stronger relationships and the confidence needed to achieve your personal and professional goals. But cultivating and applying this highly-important leadership skill is not always an easy task.

    During this new virtual workshop* focused on increasing self-awareness, you will discover strategies and tactics that will enable you to:

    • Adjust your working style to work more cohesively with others who approach tasks differently
    • Communicate with clarity and intention
    • Listen more effectively
    • Quiet your inner critic to strengthen your confidence and more

    Who Should Attend?

    This unique virtual learning experience is ideal for all faculty and staff who are interested in harnessing the power of self-awareness to increase their individual and/or organizational performance.

    Upcoming Virtual Workshops

    Leveraging the Power of Self-Awareness to Lead More Effectively is a highly interactive virtual experience, delivered in two 105-minute sessions. It is being offered three different times of the year on the following dates at 1:00-2:45 pm EST / 10:00-11:45 am PST:

    • February 7, 2023 and February 9, 2023
    • April 11, 2023 and April 13, 2023
    • June 6, 2023 and June 8, 2023
    • August 8, 2023 and August 10, 2023
    • October 24, 2023 and October 26, 2023

    Visit our registration website to register for upcoming workshops and learn more about our workshop facilitators.

    Registration & Fees

    The registration fee is $375. This fee covers registration for this two-part virtual workshop as well as The PACE® Palette Personality Temperament Assessment, which will help you identify your personality style and communication preference, as well as those of your co-workers. The registration fee does not include the optional CME fee.

    Learning Objectives

    At the completion of the workshop, you will be able to:

    • Recognize your personal temperament style and identify other temperament styles
    • Describe how temperament affects our reactions to others, our work in groups/teams, and our leadership styles
    • Demonstrate how awareness of temperaments can positively influence your approach to communication, team-building and managing conflict
    • Develop genuine listening skills and identify situations when this level of listening is required for leadership effectiveness

    *Parts of this program have been adapted from the Being a Resilient Leader Workshop

    Questions? Email learningandleadershipdevelopment@aamc.org