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Becoming an Effective Leader

New department chairs are faced with a number of challenges and opportunities. From running meetings to learning what supervisors expect from you, becoming a new department chair often requires developing a whole new skillset. 

The AAMC can provide you with the tools you need to develop your own leadership style as you grow into your new position. Use the resources below to get started. These resources are contextualized for new department chairs but will be useful to all leaders in academic medicine.

This toolkit was developed in conjunction with Leading

Giving Feedback

Woman holds a stick in balance, while people representing medical school administrators and students stand on top.

Giving Effective Feedback Tip Sheet

These guidelines show how to provide clear, specific feedback.

Download the Tip sheet

Meeting Preparation Guide

This tool will help you document the information needed before having a feedback conversation. 

Download the Guide

Giving a Performance Evaluation

Illustration of a man looking at measuring sticks

Career Development Discussion Tool (Faculty and Staff)

Give this template to faculty or staff to help with their planning for a career development conversation.

Download the Template

Career Development Discussion Tool (Department Chair)

Use this template to prepare for a career development conversation with faculty or staff.

Download the Template

Career Development Discussion Starters

These questions can help generate productive and open conversations with faculty and staff about their career goals and development strategies.

Download the Questions

What Your Dean Expects From You

A man looks at different paths

Working Effectively with Your Dean

Use this tool to think about how to work effectively and collaboratively with the dean.

Download the Workbook

Enhancing Your Leadership Presence

A woman assesses different skill blocks

Leadership Presence Tip Sheet

These tips will create awareness of and develop your verbal and non-verbal communication as a leader.

Download the Tip Sheet

Improving Accountability and Reducing Uncertainty

A man walks along a path and is followed by others

RACI Charting Basics and Analysis

This tool helps establish and analyze team roles and responsibilities. Specific examples are provided.

Download the Tool

Individual Assessment

A woman looks at an outline of herself

Self-Assessment for Incumbent Department Chairs: Why Are You the Chair?

This tool will automatically tabulate a score based on your responses to a series of career-assessment questions. With the score, you can determine your level of commitment to being a department chair and/or consider your career goals.

Download the Tool

Individual Development Plan

A woman looks at outlines of medical icons in a sky

Self-Reflection Guide

The questions in this template will help you explore your current and future career goals.

Open the Guide

Individual Development Plan

Use this template and best practices to outline your career objectives and identify the skills, action steps, success measures, and timeline needed to achieve your goals. 

Download the template

A woman and a man juggle balls of responsibilities while standing back-to-back.

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