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Speaker Resources

Thank you for helping to plan sessions and deliver presentations at the AAMC’s meetings.

To help you plan and deliver the most useful sessions and presentations, we have provided a suite of resources for your review. Explore the videos and guides below and examine tips and tools for planning, designing, developing, and delivering a terrific conference session.

Virtual Speaker Guide

People in a virtual meeting

Presenting in a virtual environment (either pre-recorded or live) requires extra consideration to session content, audience engagement and speaker delivery.

The following Virtual Speaker Guide will help you plan and deliver an effective virtual session while avoiding common pitfalls. To learn more, review the Virtual Speaker Guide (PDF).

Videos to Guide the Development of Your Virtual Presentation

Designing and Developing PowerPoint Presentations

Intended for speakers, this video offers basic guidelines for developing appealing slides for maximum audience engagement.

Designing and Developing Handouts

Intended for speakers, this video features best practices for designing and developing handouts to accompany virtual presentations.

Designing and Developing your Virtual Presentation

Speakers can use this video as inspiration for designing and structuring virtual presentations. This presentation discusses how to develop goals and learning objectives, the importance of creating an outline, and tips for engaging your audience.

Virtual Speaker Best Practices

This video helps speakers prepare for a virtual presentation. This presentation discusses best practices for setting up your internet access and equipment, considerations when thinking about your physical environment, and tips as you practice your delivery.

Selecting and Working with Virtual Speakers

Intended for AAMC staff members, this video focuses on considerations when choosing a speaker, and offers a few suggestions for working with speakers.

Resources for both Virtual and In-Person Sessions

Resources for In-Person Sessions Only

People in an in-person meeting

Planning and Designing Your Session

Planning and designing a great in-person session means focusing on audience needs first. Learn how to create an audience-focused session that responds to audience concerns and challenges. For more information, view the Session Planning and Design video.

Reference Guides for Planning and Design

Delivering Your Presentation

The most important presentation skills can be learned. Learn how maintaining eye contact, vocal control—volume, speed, and tone—and effective body language, work together to create a presentation that sustains your audience’s attention. For more information, review the reference guide Presentation Tips (PDF) or view the Presentation Tips video.

Facilitators play a crucial role in the planning and delivery of session. Examine the role and responsibilities of a session facilitator, including speaker identification, session coordination, and speaker preparation. For more information, view the Session Facilitation video.