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    Call for 2023 Group on Regional Medical Campuses (GRMC) Shining Star Awards

    Submit your nomination by September 11, 2023

    The GRMC Star of Educational Innovation and Star of Community Achievement Awards recognize the significant efforts of regional medical campuses to develop programs that help students and strengthen ties with the communities they serve. All awards are determined by the GRMC Steering Committee.

    All nominations and related materials are due by September 11, 2023. Award recipients will be announced at Learn Serve Lead 2023: The AAMC Annual Meeting in November, 2023.

    Self nominations are welcomed and encouraged.

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    The Star of Educational Innovation

    The Star of Educational Innovation is awarded to a Regional Medical Campus (RMC) which has achieved a sustainable and measurable educational impact within the nominated student, resident, or faculty development program. Of particular interest to the GRMC are innovative education models which (1) provide value-added experiences to complement the medical curriculum and (2) utilize a research methodology to derive evidence-based standards for documenting benefits and impact. Strongest consideration will be given to those submissions where there is consistent positive impact for their program over time and where there may be reproducibility by other campuses. 

    The Star of Community Achievement

    The Star of Community Achievement award goes to a campus that has developed a program which has positively impacted the community it serves. The GRMC is particularly interested in innovative educational and research programs which position the RMC to serve as a model for transformational change in either (1) improving the health status of its community or (2) achieving its social mission through collaboration with its community.

    Eligibility, Nomination Submission Criteria, and Timeline

    Program Eligibility

    To be eligible, the nominated program must:

    • Have originated at the regional campus
    • Be conducted/administered on the regional campus or between the regional campus and central campus
    • Programs originating from the central campus will not be considered 

    Note: Programs developed on the regional campus and expanded to the central campus or other regional campuses will be given special consideration.

    All submissions must be received by close of September 11, 2023.

    Nomination Submission Criteria

    The nomination for each of the awards must include:

    • A program description addressing the following points:
    • Background (300 words or less)
    • Description of main features (500 words or less)
    • Innovative and/or unique qualities (300 words or less)
    • Impacts and outcomes (300 words or less)
    • Supporting documents (optional and limit of 3)
      • Supporting documents may include an addendum to the program description, articles or publications that spotlight the program, or any items that aid in demonstrating positive outcomes related to the program.
    • Letter of endorsement (if applicable)
      • The senior most administrator of the regional campus must endorse the nomination. Note: A letter of endorsement is not required if the most senior campus administrator submits the nomination themselves.


    All nominations and related materials are due by September 11, 2023.

    Award recipients will be announced at Learn Serve Lead 2023: The AAMC Annual Meeting in November, 2023. Awardees will be invited to present their program during the 2024 Regional Medical Campus Conference in June, 2024 at AAMC headquarters in Washington, DC. 

    Questions may be sent to grmc@aamc.org.   

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