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    Gratitude: Your Philanthropy in Action

    University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine 
    Print and Digital Publishing: External Audience 

    Gratitude: Your Philanthropy in Action is a monthly e-newsletter that highlights the incredible generosity and dedication of the donors and alumni of the University of Miami. In every edition, readers find stories on leading-edge research, breakthrough innovations, and life-changing patient outcomes fueled by transformative philanthropy. This publication, guided by the health interests of the community we serve, showcases the University of Miami Health System’s (UHealth) dedication to advancing innovative research, exemplary patient care, and comprehensive medical education, and sets a powerful reminder of the impact of giving. 
    What was the most impactful part of your entry? 

    Gratitude: Your Philanthropy in Action is an exceptional publication, designed and executed to convey appreciation for the enormous impact that philanthropy has on groundbreaking medical advances at UHealth and the Miller School of Medicine. Through the latest digital and design technology, donors can see how philanthropy is creating change and the motivation of those who made it possible. It is these stories — and the inspiration, honesty, and human emotion that accompany them — that make each month’s edition memorable, particularly so through a flexible, branded, and beautifully designed template. Among its other impactful qualities, Gratitude: Your Philanthropy in Action provides a forum where philanthropy and philanthropists are celebrated and recognized; it’s a vehicle where our donors can connect with UHealth and the Miller School of Medicine, and learn about the good work of others. The newsletter also continues to keep high-net-worth donors, who tend to focus on giving with a purpose, engaged with “insider” information on research and patient care advancements at UHealth and Miller School of Medicine. 
    What is one thing you learned from your entry/experience? 
    The one key thing we have learned as medical development communications staff is how important it is for grateful patients and philanthropists in the health space to have the touchpoints required to stay engaged, informed, and inspired. Our constituents crave information about the latest research and treatment options, and how both large and small gifts are making a difference. Gratitude: Your Philanthropy in Action delivers that sense of place and connection, while showcasing the dynamism, preeminence, and hope behind our work at UHealth and the Miller School of Medicine. 
    Contact: Julie Levin