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    “A Change of Heart,” by Stephen Dark

    University of Utah Health 
    Print and Digital Publishing: Single or Special Issue  

    Dec. 2, 2022, marked the 40th anniversary of the first person to receive an artificial heart. The invention allowed Barney Clark, who was dying from heart failure, to live another 112 days. “A Change of Heart” is a visually compelling, heartfelt, and triumphant retrospective of the 40-year journey of heart research, discovery, and personalized care at University of Utah Health.  
    What was the most impactful part of your entry? 
    Our design team’s expert utilization of the Shorthand platform is particularly noteworthy in “A Change of Heart.” The creation and inclusion of the interactive 40-year timeline was not only visually and creatively compelling, but the timeline became a hallmark and central showpiece of this piece of digital storytelling. 
    What is one thing you learned from your entry/experience? 
    This innovative approach and overall creative strategy of “A Change of Heart” was the result of intensive collaboration between our various teams. This process included structured touchpoints and brainstorming sessions with writers, designers, science communicators, producers, and photographers to ensure that scientific accuracy, design integrity, and the human elements of the story were all covered and conveyed in equal measure. 
    Contact: Nicholas McGregor