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  • Affinity Group

    Biographical Sketches, Statements, and Executive Summaries

    NIH Biographical Sketch

    Biographical Statement

    This statement identifies your current position, experience, and major accomplishments and is targeted to a specific audience (e.g., research, education, or clinical). You often see these statements about the faculty for professional development conferences, and those introducing you to speak will be grateful to receive a well-crafted synthesis of your qualifications as speaker.

    Executive Summary

    This is a one-to-two-page overview of your credentials that accompanies your CV and highlights your strengths, accomplishments, and qualifications related to a specific position. Using an Executive Summary may provide recruiters a quick and easy way to set your application apart and to identify your unique qualifications for the position you desire.

    • Personal and contact information (address with zip code; area code with phone number; fax number with area code; email address)

    • Opening Statement: an optional, concise statement of the work you wish to do and how you would add value to the organization

    • Qualifications Summary: a brief overview of how you are qualified for and the skills and talents you bring to the position

    • Accomplishments Overview: a list that describes your strengths and accomplishments in a format that shows the impact you've made in prior or current positions; this identifies your skills by identifying a problem, setting forth your approach, then reporting the outcome

    • Experience: A listing, in reverse chronological order, of your positions, including institution, location, and dates

    • Education: A listing of your degrees in reverse chronological order