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    Group on Regional Medical Campuses Awards

    GRMC Star of Educational Innovation and Star of Community Achievement Awards

    The GRMC Star of Educational Innovation and Star of Community Achievement Awards recognize the significant efforts of regional medical campuses to development programs that help students and strengthen ties with the communities they serve. All Awards are selected by the GRMC Steering Committee.

    The GRMC Steering Committee will soon be seeking nominations for the 2023 GRMC Star Awards. Learn more about the submission process and how to submit a nomination.

    Award recipients will be announced February 2024, and will be invited to present at the 2024 Regional Medical Campus Conference, June 3-5, 2024 in Washington, DC.

    See the list of GRMC Star Award Recipients

    The Star of Educational Innovation

    The Star of Educational Innovation is awarded to a Regional Medical Campus which has achieved a sustainable and measurable educational impact within the nominated student, resident, or faculty development program. Of particular interest to the GRMC are innovative education models which (1) provide value-added experiences to complement the medical curriculum and (2) utilize a research methodology to derive evidence-based standards for documenting benefits and impact. Strongest consideration will be given to those submissions where there is consistent positive impact for their program over time and where there may be reproducibility by other campuses.

    The Star of Community Achievement

    The Star of Community Achievement award goes to a campus that has developed a program which has positively impacted the community it serves. The GRMC is particularly interested in innovative educational and research programs which position the Regional Medical Campus to serve as a model for transformational change in either (1) improving the health status of its community or (2) achieving its social mission through collaboration with its community.

    GRMC Distinguished Service Award

    The GRMC Distinguished Service Award recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to the GRMC and its mission over an extended period of time.

    See the list of GRMC Distinguished Service Award Recipients