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    GIR SnippITs

    Do you want to know how other academic medical centers are addressing certain technology issues surrounding adoption, troubleshooting, infrastructure, policy, workforce, governance, or any other related topic?

    The GIR, in response to numerous requests from the membership, provides members with the opportunity to seek answers to their questions and poll their peers on such Group-relevant topics.

    These polls, called “SnippITs,” can be requested by any GIR member by contacting GIR staff. We will distribute the poll to the membership within one week and then collect responses for one week. These SnippITs are voluntary. The results of this poll will be distributed in a summary report and aggregate data will be made available to members.

    This service is designed to facilitate information sharing for point-in-time queries. The data will not be used for research purposes. If you would like to create a SnippIT, please review these guidelines and send an email gir@aamc.org.

    GIR SnippIT Reports

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