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    Einstein Magazine, Summer/Fall 2021 and Winter/Spring 2022, Print and Digital Editions

    Albert Einstein College of Medicine
    Print and Digital Publishing: External Audience - Gold

    Over the past several years, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, in the Bronx, New York, has been transitioning from its former university parent to its longtime clinical partner, Montefiore, a unified health system that includes several regional hospitals. The semiannual Einstein magazine is the premier product of Einstein’s communications department. We wanted the magazine to reflect the changing relationship with Montefiore and the opportunities this change brings. Our magazine’s editors and the marketing team have made the case that Einstein is an excellently conceived, beautifully designed product that can do more to explain, promote, and celebrate the Einstein-Montefiore relationship and how it improves education, research, and clinical care across the enterprise. Simultaneously, we wanted to keep the enduring mission of our magazine in mind: improving the pride and morale of internal audiences, engaging donors and alumni, positioning Einstein-Montefiore as a premier research-intensive medical school and academic medical center, and emphasizing the social mission of our joint enterprise.

    What was the most impactful part of your entry?
    Our initiative to deliver meaningful content more widely was successful. Departments such as admissions, the graduate division, diversity enhancement, and human resources requested extra boxes of printed magazines. We ran out of copies of the Winter/Spring 2022 Alzheimer’s issue. Online page views for that issue (with the Alzheimer’s cover) jumped. During the first 60 days after publication, we had 8,368 page views, an increase of 10.5% over the first 60 days of the Winter/Spring 2021 issue. The return of envelopes from the 2022 issue produced the largest amount of donations from a magazine in the past several years.

    What challenge did you overcome?
    We knew we had to find ways to better reach our Montefiore audience. We systematized the distribution of print issues to campus and proactively targeted key offices there. We executed a modest advertising campaign to boost online readership via sponsored posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Ads. We targeted readers interested in medical research and training, but we also tagged @Montefiore to encourage sharing. Our creative services department increased the visibility of the print edition of Einstein magazine around campus with framed wall ads, floor-mounted displays, table tent cards, and additional magazine racks. To better engage readers, we launched a pop-up survey on selected articles and gave away Einstein-branded teddy bears and free gift cards for coffee. And, critical to the effort, we worked with development to ship nearly 1,000 magazine copies to institutional leaders, current and prospective donors, alumni, and board members.

    Susan Byrne