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    GFA Mentoring Circles

    The GFA Mentoring Circles Program serves to connect mentors with a group of mentees to help them 1) learn about the GFA, 2) engage with GFA colleagues, and 3) find ways to expand their involvement in the GFA.*

    Through this year-long experience, participants will be connected with valuable professional development resources, garner advice, and share best practices with members of their Mentoring Circle. By engaging in this unique networking opportunity, mentors and mentees will both build meaningful professional connections across the GFA community that can continue to serve them well beyond the Program’s one-year commitment.

    To learn more about the Program, please review the GFA Mentoring Circles Program Overview (PDF) or contact a member of the GFA Mentoring Circles Coordination Team below.

    Jacqueline Hill, PhD, MPH
    Senior Director, Office of Faculty Development, Children’s Mercy Kansas City
    Teaching Assistant Professor, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine
    Education Assistant Professor, University of Kansas School of Medicine

    Terri Kurz, PhD
    Assistant Dean for Professional Development
    Instructional Associate Professor, Department of Medical Education
    Texas A&M University School of Medicine

    Rania Sanford, EdD, PCC
    Director, Faculty Professional Development and Executive Coach
    Executive Director, Stanford Physician Leadership Certificate Program
    Stanford University School of Medicine

    *Please note that you must be a GFA member to participate in the GFA Mentoring Circles Program. Please contact gfa@aamc.org with questions.