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    AAMC Faculty Life Cycle Webinars

    The “GFA Lifecycle Webinar Series” is a collection of webinars covering topics central to faculty affairs and development professionals. Each webinar provides practical information and ‘promising practices’ to enhance professional development throughout the faculty career lifecycle.

    Co-editors: Sheila Crow, PhD; Bob Best, PhD; Lee Ellen Buenconsejo-Lum, MD; Jacqueline Hill, PhD, MPH; Terri Kurz, PhD; Rania Sanford, EdD; Nutan Atre-Vaidya, MD

    Overview: Faculty Career Management Lifecycle

    The Career Management Lifecycle is a model conceptualizing the different phases faculty members may encounter across their careers in academic medicine. The goal of this webinar series is to help faculty affairs/development professionals tailor their services to best support faculty based on the different phases they may encounter.

    Because every office of faculty affairs/development is structured differently, this webinar series will showcase several different perspectives across each phase of the lifecycle model: recruitment, orientation, exploration, engagement, development, vitality, transition, and retirement. When thinking about your own institution, consider which offices or professionals are responsible for performing the functions discussed in these webinars and consider cultivating partnerships and shared resources with each of them to create a more seamless experience for your faculty. You may also want to network with similar offices and leaders in other schools at your institution, as well as the provost’s office.

    Many resources are already available for faculty affairs and development professionals, with some of the most widely used on the AAMC Group on Faculty Affairs webpage. Many institutions also share faculty policies, processes, and instructions directly on their websites. Because of the diverse structure of faculty affairs and development functions within institutions, a good approach may be to identify institutions structured similarly to your institution and review their faculty affairs and development webpages. Additionally, many faculty affairs and development offices may be open to sharing their experiences if you contact them directly.

    Viggiano TR, Strobel HW. The career management life cycle: A model for supporting and sustaining faculty vitality and wellness. In: Cole TR, Goodrich TJ, Gritz ER, editors. Faculty Health in Academic Medicine. Totowa, NJ: Humana Press; 2009.

    Promising Practices for Onboarding

    Archived Webinars

    This webinar series is organized around five phases of the faculty life cycle. The series provides a framework for faculty to identify, understand, anticipate, and respond to changing needs throughout their careers in medicine. Five AAMC professional development groups will lead an issue, present a challenge, or raise a vexing question to be addressed by a national leader or subject matter expert.