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    AAMC Faculty Life Cycle Webinars

    The AAMC Faculty Life Cycle Webinar Series is organized around five phases of the faculty life cycle. The series provides a framework for faculty to identify, understand, anticipate, and respond to changing needs throughout their careers in medicine. Five AAMC professional development groups will lead an issue, present a challenge, or raise a vexing question to be addressed by a national leader or subject matter expert.

    Part 1: Bringing Talent to Academic Medicine

    Part 2: Addressing the Growing Population of Women Breadwinners in Medicine and Science

    Part 3: Where Did My Career Mojo Go? A hands-on training to lower stress and prevent burnout.

    Part 4: Addressing Race in the Workplace

    Part 5: Engaging Late Career Faculty and Creating Meaningful Transitions to Retirement

    Strategies to Promote Faculty Vitality in Academic Medicine

    Promising Practices for Onboarding