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    Special Interest Groups - NEGEA

    Medical Education Learning Specialists (MELS) 

    MELS SIG creates a community of learning specialists, who offer academic support to medical students, residents, and other health professionals, to share best practices and resources. This SIG supports professional development by providing opportunities for collaboration on scholarly activities as well as enables sharing best practices and resources. This group is not just for learning specialists but welcomes all interested in discussing issues related to academic support. We invite those affiliated with NEGEA to join us as well as colleagues from around the country.

    Leadership: Maryann Grandinetta

    Medical Education and Instructional Computing (MEdIC)

    This SIG offers a space where technology and education specialists come together to talk about the overlap between technology and education and envision the best way to serve medical education together. This SIG is open to constituents with a wide array of backgrounds including data informatics, research analysts, assessment specialists, educational technologists, instructional designers, system administrators, etc.

    Leadership: Laurie Gelles and Yoon Kang

    Librarians In Medical Education (LiME) 

    This SIG serves those teaching information literacy skills to students, residents and faculty. LiME is not just for librarians but is for anyone interested in how knowledge of using the medical literature and information literacy plays a role in medical education.

    Leadership: Jenny Pierce

    Directors of Clinical Skills (DOCS)

    This SIG builds a cohesive and productive international consortium of educators who direct, teach, or administer clinical skills courses for medical students. We aim to promote scholarship, establish best practices, and encourage exchange of ideas across the continuum of clinical skills education.

    Leadership: Roshini Pinto-Powell

    Health Humanities as Teaching and Learning Strategy 

    This SIG explores the ways in which the Arts & Humanities, as both formal and informal aspects of medical education, can inform healthcare, in terms of physician-patient relationships, cultural competencies and physician well-being. As a true Community of Practice, we share resources specific to health humanities to assure all SIG participants can begin to build a library of their own.

    Leadership: Arlice Fornari and Delphine Taylor

    UME Accreditation and CQI

    This SIG focuses specific attention on the people and processes necessary for effective oversight of LCME accreditation requirements and continuous quality improvement (CQI) activities within the undergraduate medical education (UME) program. We aim to bring together a network of professionals to foster relationships, promote scholarship, and develop best practices across the NEGEA in relation to accreditation and CQI efforts.

    Leadership: Colleen Hayden, EdD, and Sabrina Nunez 

    Health Equity Alliance for Learning (HEAL)

    The mission of the health equity SIG is to create a community of practice of educators engaged in peer support, mentoring and scholarship related to health equity. This community will bring together faculty working in anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion to support each other, share ideas, collaborate, and advance best practices.

    Leadership: Hetty Cunningham and Jean-Marie Alves-Bradford