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    Do you want to know how other academic medical centers are addressing certain issues surrounding centralizing business units, recruitment and onboarding, business intelligence tools, research funding, funds flow, or any other related topic? The GBA Data and Benchmarking Committee, in response to numerous requests from the membership, provides members with the opportunity to seek answers to their questions and poll their peers on such group-relevant topics. These polls, called "GBAnalytics," can be requested by any GBA member.

    About GBAnalytics

    GBAnalytics are short polls where the purpose and outcome of the poll must benefit the GBA, and not be for the sole purpose of doctoral or personal research. GBAnalytics summaries will be posted below. GBA members must log in to view the information.


    GBA members can submit polling questions on a Group-relevant topic. Questions will be reviewed by the Data and Benchmarking Committee within one month of receipt. If approved, the GBAnalytics will be distributed to the GBA Membership by AAMC staff.

    • Define a short poll title. This will be used in the header of the e-mail sent to GBA members.
    • Establish and document the goal of the poll. The goal statement will be included at the beginning of the poll.
    • The audience will be the GBA membership. If the poll is reaching out to a particular segment, such as PBO's, HR, or Department Administrators, please identify this in the goal statement.
    • Keep the number of poll questions to no more than 10.
    • Keep the wording of the questions simple.
    • The majority of questions should be multiple choice, multiple ratings or scales.  Open-ended questions should be limited, if included at all.
    • All polls will include an optional request for contact information.

    To submit a GBAnalytics for consideration email Heather Sacks at hsacks@aamc.org.