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    About the Alliance of Academic Health Centers

    The Alliance of Academic Health Centers (the Alliance) enables leaders of academic health centers and health systems from across the United States to work collectively to advance the nation’s health and well-being. The Alliance enhances the ability of its members to lead the way forward in health care, biomedical research, and the education of future health care professionals. The Alliance works closely with AAHCI to promote collaboration, cooperation, and partnership among academic health centers globally. The Alliance arose out of a merger of the Association of Academic Health Centers into the AAMC in 2022. 

    AAHCI works with leaders of academic health centers and systems around the world to advance health and well-being.  

    Alliance Leadership

    The Alliance Steering Committee provides critical input and guidance on strategic plans, programs, and initiatives. The chair of the Alliance Steering Committee is a member of the AAHCI Steering Committee, and vice versa. 

    Alliance Membership

    Alliance members comprise academic health centers and health systems in the United States. Information about member benefits and criteria to join is available on our "Alliance Membership" page.

    Alliance Members

    An academic health center encompasses all the health-related components of universities. It has, or has among its partnership, a school of medicine, one or more other health professions schools and/or advanced medical research programs, and a relationship to one or more teaching hospitals or health systems. Our member institutions.