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    AAHCI Leadership Initiative (ALI)

    The AAHCI Leadership Initiative (ALI) aims to build leadership infrastructure for academic health centers worldwide. ALI pursues this goal by providing opportunities for academic health center leaders to engage in cross-border learning and networking, promote collaboration, and share best practices to advance the work of academic health centers.

    ALI is designed to enable leaders from institutions in lower- and middle-income countries to join AAHCI through sponsorship, offering them key ways to network with peers and to exchange knowledge on the state of academic health centers in their countries.

    Global ALI Partnership Opportunities

    An organization engaged in collaboration, partnership, or a linked relationship with an academic health center is invited to support their partner in joining AAHCI through the ALI program. The Sponsoring Institution will support their partner by committing to pay AAHCI membership dues for their partner for two years. For more information, contact aahci@aamc.org.  

    Advantages to the Sponsoring Institution

    Sponsoring Institutions will receive special recognition at Alliance and AAHCI meetings and events. In addition, the ALI program:

    • Raises the profile of and gives international recognition to both the sponsoring and partner academic health centers.
    • Builds capacity through exchanging skills and knowledge.
    • Provides a platform for sharing best practices among academic health center leaders.
    • Encourages collaboration among multiple organizations.
    • Builds relationships with new academic health centers through the Alliance and AAHCI network.
    • Supports global understanding of the benefits of aligning health, education, and research.

    ALI Program Awardees

    2023 – 2024 Awardees

    The AAHCI ALI program expanded in 2023 to a sponsorship capacity for 10 institutions. Institutions being sponsored in 2023-2024:

    To learn more about eligibility and the selection process for the ALI program, please contact aahci@aamc.org.

    2022 Awardees

    AAHCI sponsored two institutions in Kyiv, Ukraine as ALI awardees in 2022:

    2020 Inaugural Awardees

    AAHCI, in partnership with The Aga Khan University, sponsored four institutions in the Eastern Africa region as inaugural ALI awardees in 2020: