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    2023 AAHCI Leadership Council on Communicating Science to Patients, Professionals, and the Public


    AAHCI Leadership Councils aim to advance thought leadership, foster sharing of best practices, and catalyze the diffusion of innovation.

    Convened in 2023, the AAHCI Leadership Council on Communicating Science to Patients, Professionals, and the Public focuses on concerns at the level of the most senior leaders of academic health centers, such as delineating the leadership role of the academic health center in communicating science, determining what questions a top leader should ask their direct reports to know that their institution is working as effectively as possible on science communication, and tracking progress to be sure their institution is communicating science effectively to improve the health of all.

    The members of the council will meet via various forums throughout the year to examine science communication at academic health centers and to develop resources that may include:

    • An inventory of innovative approaches to communicating science.
    • Interactive and engaging sessions for members at selected AAHCI meetings and at the Alliance of Academic Health Centers Annual Meeting.
    • A curated and annotated collection of relevant key readings.
    • Other materials as deemed important by the council.

    Council Members

    Frank Rühli, MD, PhD
    Dean, Faculty of Medicine
    University of Zurich Medical School

    Alawi Alsheikh-Ali, MD
    Dean, College of Medicine
    Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences

    Richard Barohn, MD, FAAN
    Executive Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs
    University of Missouri-Columbia

    Nicole Bender, MD, PhD
    Head Clinical Evolutionary Medicine Group
    University of Zurich

    Keith Channon, FMedSci, FRCP
    Oxford Academic Health Partners

    Adil Haider, MBBS, MPH, FACS
    The Aga Khan University Medical College, Pakistan

    Rümeyza Kazancıoğlu, MD
    Bezmialem Vakif University

    Jenny Luray
    Vice President, Strategy and Communications
    Research America

    Yodi Mahendradhata, PhD
    Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing
    Universitas Gadjah Mada

    Ross McKinney, MD
    Chief Scientific Officer

    Damalie Nakanjako, MBCHB
    Principal, School of Medicine
    Makerere University School of Medicine

    Martin Paul, MD, PhD
    President and CEO
    Ruhr University Bochum

    Massimo Pignatelli, MD, PhD
    Vice President for Medicine
    Dean, School of Medicine
    Nazarbayev University

    John Raymond, MD
    President and CEO
    Medical College of Wisconsin

    Luciano Saso, PhD
    Vice Rector for European University Networks
    Sapienza University of Rome

    Steven Kanter, MD
    Ex Officio Member
    Executive Director, AAHCI

    Lauren Maggio, PhD
    Programs Scholar, AAHCI