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    2020 AAHC President's Council on Health Plans and Population Health


    Formed in early 2020, the AAHC President’s Council* on Health Plans and Population Health focused on key issues related to health plans, such as the benefits and risks associated with health plan models offered at academic health centers, innovative population health approaches that aim to reduce costs and improve health, and other issues as identified by council members.

    The members of the council met via various forums throughout the year to examine health insurance plans at academic health centers along with innovative practices in population health in order to:

    • Create an inventory of health plan models at AAHC-member academic health centers.
    • Curate a set of descriptions of innovative practices in population health.
    • Identify and annotate a collection of relevant key readings. 
    • Produce other materials as deemed important by the council.

    *Prior to the Association of Academic Health Centers (AAHC)--AAMC merger in 2022, the councils were known as the AAHC President’s Councils.

    Council Members

    Michael L. Good, MD
    CEO, University of Utah Health
    Executive Dean, Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine at University of Utah 
    Senior Vice President for Health Sciences, University of Utah Health 

    Carrie Byington, MD
    Executive Vice President 
    University of California Health

    David Lubarsky, MD, MBA
    CEO, UC Davis Health
    Vice Chancellor for Human Health Sciences, University of California, Davis

    Lloyd Minor, MD
    Stanford University School of Medicine

    Carmencita Padilla, MD
    University of the Philippines Manila

    Joseph Shapiro, MD
    Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine 

    Jeffrey Stroup, PharmD, FCCP, BCPS
    Vice President for Strategy
    Interim Provost
    Interim Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
    Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences

    Wesley Burks, MD
    Dean, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine 
    Vice Chancellor for Medical Affairs
    CEO, UNC Health 

    Brooks Jackson, MD
    Vice President for Medical Affairs
    Dean, University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine 
    University of Iowa

    Lilly Marks
    Vice President for Health Affairs 
    University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

    Janis M. Orlowski, MD, MACP
    Chief Health Care Officer
    Association of American Medical Colleges

    Cam Patterson, MD, MBA
    University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

    Mark Stacy, MD
    Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences
    Dean, Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University 
    Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Medical Affairs
    East Carolina University

    Steven L. Kanter, MD  
    Ex Officio Member
    President and CEO

    Lauren Maggio, PhD 
    Ex Officio Member
    Programs Scholar


    Health and Population Health Resources

    “An Inventory of Health Plan Offerings at Academic Health Centers in the United States: A Technical Report" (PDF)

    “Population Health at the Academic Health Center: An Interactive, Multipart, Case-Based Session for Executives, Faculty, and Administrators”


    Current Practices in Population Health at the Academic Health Center

    Academic health center leaders were invited to take part in a session led by the AAHC President’s Council on Health Plans and Population Health that included both a sharing of best practices from members and an interactive component. Participants were invited to present either a 5-minute “ignite-style” presentation or a poster on population health initiatives at academic health centers. 

    Ignite Presentations

    “Advances in Measuring Disparities across the University of California Health UC Health” (PDF)
    Abstract Presentation
    Carrie L. Byington, MD; Atul J. Butte, MD, PhD; Rachael A. Sak, BSN, MPH; Samuel A. Skootsky, MD
    University of California Health System

    Ignite Videos

    “Community Health and Development Program”
    Carmencita Padilla, MD, MAHPS
    The University of the Philippines Manila

    “Holistic Health-Social Support for Vulnerable Seniors Living in the Community”
    Eugene Shum, MBBS, MPH
    Singapore Health Service

    “Intensive Outpatient Clinic: A Payer/Provider Partnership to Care for the Underserved”
    Peter Weir, MD, MPH; Stacey Bank, MD
    University of Utah Health

    UC Davis Health Partnership with Sacramento County FQHC
    David Lubarsky, MD, MBA
    UC Davis Health

    “NeighborhoodHELP in the Time of COVID-19”
    Frederick Anderson, MD; Julia Bisschops, MD; Andres Luis Rodriguez, MD; Eduardo Camps-Romero, MD; Nana Garba, MD, PhD, MPH; Gregory Schneider, MD; Onelia Lage, MD; David Brown, MD
    Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine

    “Tackling the Triple-Weighted Medication Adherence Quality Measures”
    Molly Hinely, PharmD; Beth Williams, PharmD
    Wake Forest Baptist Health


    Poster Presentations

    “Patient Engagement During a Pandemic” (PDF)
    Keya Eaton, BSN, RN
    Wake Forest Baptist Health

    “Pharmacist Involvement in Home Visits” (PDF)
    Molly Hinely, PharmD
    Wake Forest Baptist Health

    “Sharing Current Practices in Population Health at AMC” (PDF)
    Kristie Hadden, PhD
    University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

    "The Integrated Maternal and Child Wellness Hub (IMCWH) at SingHealth Polyclinics (SHP) - Punggol” (PDF)
    Dr. Guo Xiaoxuan, MBBS, MMed
    SingHealth Duke NUS Academic Medical Center

    “The Transformation Journey Towards Successful Population Health Management” (PDF)
    Jennifer Houlihan, MSP; Richard Lord, MD
    Wake Forest Baptist Health

    “The Value of Population-Based Care for Children with Medical Complexity” (PDF)
    Nancy Murphy, MD
    University of Utah

    “WAKEHEALTH CONNECTing Patients to Cost Savings Primary Care” (PDF)
    Brianna Holland, MPH, CHES
    Wake Forest Baptist Health