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  • Washington Highlights

    DOL Publishes Final Overtime Rule

    Matthew Shick, Sr. Director, Gov't Relations & Regulatory Affairs

    The Department of Labor (DOL) Sept. 24 published their final rule regarding overtime pay requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

    The final rule:

    • Raises the “standard salary level” from $455 per week to $684 per week (equivalent to $35,568 per year for a full-year worker); and
    • Raises the total annual compensation requirement for “highly compensated employees” from $100,000 per year to $107,432 per year.

    The rule also repeals the 2016 DOL rule that attempted to increase the salary threshold for exempting certain employees from FLSA overtime requirements to levels greater than the National Institutes of Health postdoctoral National Research Service Award stipend level. Medical residents remain exempt from the FLSA overtime requirements.

    The AAMC May 21 joined a comment letter led by the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR) agreeing that an “increase to the minimum salary threshold is due and that DOL must update the salary levels and regulations from time to time to ensure the exemptions are not abused” [see Washington Highlights, May 24].

    The rule is effective Jan. 1, 2020.