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  • Washington Highlights

    AAMC Submits Comments on HHS Title X Proposals


    Phoebe Ramsey, Director, Physician Payment & Quality

    The AAMC submitted comments to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on May 17 supporting proposals to revise regulations for Title X family planning services [refer to Washington Highlights, April 16].

    The proposed rule would largely reinstate prior program policies to reverse the detrimental public health impacts of regulations promulgated in 2019 that interfered with the patient-provider relationship, exacerbated disparities, and harmed patient health. The proposals include reinstating the requirement that family planning methods be “medically approved” and allowing providers to offer patients a full range of information about their care options. Additionally, HHS proposed to define and adopt new terms to build an equity-oriented foundation for the program.

    The AAMC strongly supported these proposals and emphasized that “decisions about public health must be firmly rooted in science, health equity, and increase access to safe, effective, and timely care.”