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AMCAS for Admissions Officers


The AP and the ADI Client will be retired at the end of the 2019 cycle and you will need a new way to process 2020 data. Do you have a plan in place? Schedule a virtual assessment to help.

AMCAS for Admissions Officers has everything you need to keep your admissions operations running smoothly--AMCAS policies, technical documentation, applicant data collection updates, and details about WebAdMIT for AMCAS.

The leading provider of trusted, meaningful data and tools tailored for medical school admissions, AMCAS is used by more than 150 U.S. medical schools to streamline the exchange of information with aspiring physicians.

AMCAS delivers services to support medical school admission offices, including processing solutions, data delivery, collection and distribution of letters of evaluation, in addition to criminal background checks. It offers applicants a single, centralized primary application, as well as administering the Fee Assistance Program. AMCAS also provides the Advisor Information System to help prehealth advisors effectively assist their applicants.

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AMCAS School Tools include Admissions Processing (AP), AP Setup, Data Transmission Options, and School and National Reports.

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