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Action Plan 9: Position the AAMC as a National Leader in Health Equity and Health Justice

Philip Alberti, PhD, discusses the Center for Health Justice, which offers a space to work together and look beyond medical care to the other factors that create opportunities for communities to thrive.

Despite decades of effort by various sectors — including public health and medicine — health inequities and injustices persist in our nation.

This action plan created the AAMC Center for Health Justice in September 2021 to contribute to the solutions to health inequities by innovating, collaborating, and digging deeper to ensure that systems and structures shift toward justice. The center will spark community collaborations with diverse sectors and individuals contributing their unique resources in service of the common cause of health justice.

Where we are now

What happens next

  • We will continue to pilot the Health Equity Inventory with five member institutions. They will have a year to use the tool for tracking and guiding their own efforts, making improvements, and preparing the tool for wider use not only by health care organizations but by other community organizations working toward health equity. 
  • Following the Maternal Health Incubator, the center is committed to developing a collaborative, multisector project aimed at addressing maternal health inequities.
  • The center will conduct a series of Maternal Health Impact Assessments (HIA). The center’s first maternal HIA will focus on paid family and medical leave on maternal health, as well as Medicaid and access to mental health resources.
  • The center will announce its fourth area of focus this summer in partnership with its Multisector Partner Group.

Ways to get involved