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Action Plan 6: Enhance the Skills and Capacity of People in Academic Medicine

Christina Tushman explains how the AAMC is redefining its approach to leadership development.

Medical schools and teaching hospitals need individuals with the leadership, courage, and capabilities to address an array of complex issues.

Through this action plan, the AAMC will help the people of academic medicine to be “leader ready” for any situation. The outcomes of this action plan will be professionals in academic medicine who can collaboratively navigate dynamic and uncertain environments to anticipate and solve complex leadership challenges for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

Where we are now

We’re working on two goals to deliver exceptional leadership development offerings to individuals in medical schools and teaching hospitals: 

  • Providing a continuous learning journey that equips the people of academic medicine to lead through complexity, build diverse and inclusive environments, model transformational leadership behaviors, and advance their careers. We believe leadership is a behavior, not a position. 

  • Expanding access to leadership education to serve a larger portion of the AAMC’s constituency by targeting new audiences, including professional staff, learners, and residents, and leveraging new learning delivery formats. 

What happens next

  • We’re finalizing the roadmap for our new flagship leadership programs that will serve as a progressive learning pathway for leaders at all levels. These programs will be designed to help faculty, professional staff and administrators build core leadership competencies; lead and affect change in complex systems; develop diverse, equitable and inclusive organizations; and model transformational behaviors. 
  • We’re actively re-thinking the skills, capabilities and learning experiences you need to advance your career and to feel more confident and effective in a new role.

Ways to get involved

  • We want to hear from you. Share your most pressing leadership challenges to help us ensure that we address the skills and topics you need to succeed both now and in the future.
  • We’ll post opportunities to participate in focus groups and test components of our new leadership offerings and welcome your interest in participating and providing feedback.