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    2022 Regional Medical Campus Conference

    Join your peer regional medical campus leaders in Washington, DC!

    June 6-8, 2022
    Washington, DC

    Agenda, registration, and hotel information now available.

    The AAMC Regional Medical Campus Conference serves as the singular networking and professional development opportunity for leaders of regional medical campuses (and those with roles, responsibilities, and interests related to regional campuses and community-based education) to share how they address challenges and develop strategies to meet organizational goals at regional medical campuses.

    We invite you to attend for informative sessions, thematic discussions, and engagement with regional medical campus peers.

    The conference theme this year is: Stronger Together: Leveraging Lessons Learned to Build a Brighter Future and subthemes include: Interprofessional Workforce, Medical Education, Disruptive Innovation, and Technology.

    At the request of the membership and GRMC leadership, a significant amount of this meeting will be dedicated to structured networking opportunities for you to engage with peers on topics of your own choosing. We recognize that it has been some time since you’ve been able to see your colleagues in-person and much has changed!

    In addition to networking, the program will serve as a forum for a host of timely topics including:

    • Adapting to changes since COVID
    • Curricular innovations, delivery, and accreditation
    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion on Regional Medical Campuses
    • Student affairs support
    • Community engagement
    • Campus infrastructure and distance learning models
    • Intra-institutional dynamics
    • The federal legislative/regulatory environment

    Questions may be sent to grmc@aamc.org