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    Back to Clinic and Back to Campus - July 2020 Conversations

    Below you may find resources related to community conversations on returning students to clinical learning experiences and back to the medical school campus.

    Checklists and Discussion: Medical Students in the Clinical Learning Environment During COVID-19

    July 21, 2020

    Presentation slides

    As of July, 2020, medical schools were at various stages of returning medical students to the clinical learning environment. While schools navigated their specific re-entry plans, COVID-19 cases were climbing in many areas across the country.

    A newly convened AAMC forum of the Medical Education Senior Leaders (MESL), comprised of the senior-most medical education leader at schools, led the creation of a collection of principles and considerations intended to provide practical checklists for medical school leaders to consider regarding their medical students in the clinical learning environment.

    The checklists which were offered as tools for consideration are grouped into these areas:

    1.    Student re-entry to the clinical learning environment
    2.    Monitoring students within the clinical learning environment
    3.    Communication
    4.    Removing students from the clinical learning environment

    This webinar/discussion was led by authors pf these resources, discussing their potential utilization in your re-entry planning, monitoring, communication, and preparing for future scenarios.


    • Suzanne Allen, MD, MPHVice Dean for Academic, Rural and Regional Affairs, University of Washington School of Medicine
    • Ngozi F. Anachebe, PharmD, MD,  FACOG, Associate Dean, Admissions & Student Affairs, Associate Professor, Clinical Obstetrics & Gynecology, Morehouse School of Medicine

    Back to Campus Amidst a Pandemic: Preparing for the Return of Students to the Medical School Campus

    July 14, 2020

    Presentation slides

    As of July 2020 plans were underway at medical schools to welcome students back to campus for face-to-face non-clinical learning after shuttering at the start of the pandemic. In addition to preparing for the returning and familiar students, an entirely new class of first year students is set to join the campus as well. 

    This webinar/community discussion allowed institutions to learn and share from one another about strategies and arrangements being made for re-opening medical school campuses.

    The discussion offered multi-institutional perspectives from education, student affairs, facilities, and technology leaders who will share their current plans, decision processes for new policies, and how they are readying to be adaptable and prepared for unexpected and unique challenges.  

    Topics discussed included:

    • Student, faculty, and staff safety
    • Balancing in-person and online learning – what are the curriculum and technology needs?
    • Navigating organizational consistency within the larger university system and across multiple campus sites
    • How federal, state, and local guidance are influencing plans for re-opening
    • Impact of national and community events on the campus re-opening plans
    • Building(s), technology, and facility infrastructure considerations
    • Changes in staffing support levels
    • Student housing, travel, and additional considerations


    • Geoffrey Young, PhD, Sr. Director, Student Affairs and Programs, AAMC


    • Jill Jemison, Assistant Dean for Technology/Chief Information Officer, University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine
    • N. Kevin Krane, MD, FACP, Vice Dean, Academic Affairs, Tulane University School of Medicine
    • Wanda Lipscomb, PhD, Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion and Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine
    • Sri Sankarapu, Director of Space Planning, Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California