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Board of Directors

The AAMC is governed by a 19-member Board of Directors.

  • The Chair, Chair-elect, and Immediate Past Chair
  • The President/CEO
  • The Chair and Chair-Elect of each AAMC membership Council (Faculty and Academic Societies, Deans, Teaching Hospitals and Health Systems)
  • Nine at-large members to include a student, a resident, a junior faculty member, and two public members

Board Members, 2023-2024 (effective Nov. 7, 2023)

Lee D. Jones, MD

Lee Jones, MD

Georgetown University

Julie A. Freischlag, MD

Julie A. Freischlag, MD

Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist

LouAnn Woodward, MD

LouAnn Woodward, MD

Immediate Past Chair
University of Mississippi Medical Center

David J. Skorton, MD

David J. Skorton, MD

President and CEO
Association of American Medical Colleges

Nita Ahuja, MD, MBA

Nita Ahuja, MD, MBA

Yale University

Kate Walsh, MPH

Robert A. Barish, MD, MBA

University of Illinois Chicago

Catherine L. Coe, MD

Catherine L. Coe, MD

University of North Carolina

Arthur R. Derse, MD, JD

Arthur R. Derse, MD, JD

Medical College of Wisconsin

Henri R. Ford, MD, PhD

Henri R. Ford, MD, MHA

University of Miami

Martha E. (Meg) Gaines, JD, LLM

Martha E. Gaines, JD, LLM

University of Wisconsin

Danny Jacobs, MD, MPH

Danny Jacobs, MD, MPH

Oregon Health & Science University

Cara V. James, PhD

Cara V. James, PhD

Grantmakers In Health

Peter F. Buckley, MD

Charles P. Mouton, MD, MS, MBA

The University of Texas Medical Branch

Headshot of Dennis Murphy

Dennis Murphy, MHA

Indiana University Health

Aditya Narayan

Aditya Narayan

Stanford University

Joan Y. Reede, MD, MPH

Joan Y. Reede, MD, MS, MPH, MBA

Harvard University

Brittany N. Hasty, MD, MHPE

Adam C. Thompson-Harvey, MD

University of Virginia

Marc M. Triola, MD

Marc M. Triola, MD


Michael Waldrum, MD, MSC, MBA

Michael Waldrum, MD, MSc, MBA

ECU Health

Board Members, 2024-2025 (effective Nov. 12, 2024)

AAMC Announces 2024-2025 Board of Directors

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Board Nominations

The Board of Directors accepts nominations of interested individuals throughout the year. Please express your interest and previous governance experience via a short email.

Board of Directors Resources

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