Our Recommendation

Increased funding for the National Institutes of Health

Nearly 400 organizations and institutions across the NIH stakeholder community recommend an appropriation of $51 billion for NIH’s foundational work in FY 2024, which would allow NIH’s base budget to keep pace with the biomedical research and development price index and allow meaningful growth of nearly 5%. In addition, as the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H) ramps up its work in targeted research areas, our broad-based, national community of diverse stakeholders is unanimous in emphasizing that any funding for ARPA-H should supplement, rather than supplant, the essential foundational investment in the NIH. We urge lawmakers to maintain investments in the NIH as a key bipartisan national priority and to continue supporting patients and discovery. Our nation’s health depends on it.


The Ad Hoc Group for Medical Research

For additional information about the Ad Hoc Group, please contact the coalition’s Executive Director, Tannaz Rasouli, at trasouli@aamc.org.


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