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Ad Hoc Group for Medical Research
FY 2016 Recommendation

The Ad Hoc Group for Medical Research, representing patients and their families, scientists and health care providers, research institutions, and industry, is pleased that President Obama recognized the medical research conducted at and supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as a national priority in the fiscal year (FY) 2016 budget request.

While the budget proposal represents a welcome first step to better synchronizing NIH funding with biomedical inflation, the Ad Hoc Group's members believe that the ongoing and emerging health challenges confronting the United States and the world, and the unparalleled scientific opportunities to address these challenges demand a funding level of at least $32 billion in FY 2016. We look forward to working with Congress and the Administration to achieve this goal through the annual appropriations process.

198 organizations have endorsed the recommendation. Find the current list of signers here.

If you wish to add your organization to the list, please email Hayzell Gollopp at




The Ad Hoc Group for Medical Research is a coalition of patient and voluntary health groups, medical and scientific societies, academic and research organizations, and industry that support enhancing the federal investment in the biomedical, behavioral, and population-based
research conducted and supported by the NIH.


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