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Strategic Priorities

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Leading Change to Improve Health

The AAMC and our member institutions are dedicated to advancing medical education to meet society’s evolving needs; making patient care safer, more affordable, and more equitable; and sustaining the discovery of scientific advances that improve the health of all.

Areas of Impact

Working within and across the missions of medical education, patient care, medical research, and diversity and inclusion, the AAMC works to promote:

Doctor talking to mother and son at community outreach program
  • A continuum of medical education that inspires learners to serve the public, promote health, and improve care.
  • A sustainable health care system in which academic medicine plays a unique and important role.
  • Medical research advancements that improve the health of all.
  • A culturally competent, diverse, and prepared health and biomedical workforce that leads to improved health and health equity.

Strategies for Impact

The AAMC's efforts are focused on four strategic portfolios:

Advocacy & Policy

The AAMC is the leading voice of the nation's medical schools, teaching hospitals, and academic societies with the public and before Congress, federal regulatory agencies, and the executive branch.

Learning & Leadership

The AAMC helps individuals within academic medicine grow and learn in their professional roles and develop their leadership capacities.

Member Capacity Building

The AAMC enhances the capacities of medical schools, teaching hospitals, and academic societies to tackle their biggest challenges.

Services for Aspiring and Current Physicians

The AAMC plays a continuous role in the educational and career development of health professionals from their first inspiration until retirement.

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Our Mission Areas

The AAMC focuses on transforming health care in four primary mission areas: medical education, patient care, medical research, and diversity, inclusion, and equity in health care.

Improving the Health of All

The AAMC collaborates with its members to make progress towards health equity, address public health crises, and ensure that all people can get the care they need from a diverse, inclusive, and culturally responsive physician workforce.