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Action Plan 9: Launch the AAMC as a National Leader in Health Equity and Health Justice

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Despite decades of effort by various sectors — including public health and medicine — health inequities and injustices persist. This action plan created the AAMC’s Center for Health Justice to contribute to the solutions to health inequities by innovating, collaborating, and digging deeper to ensure that systems and structures shift toward justice. The center will spark community collaborations with diverse sectors and individuals contributing their unique resources in service of the common cause of health justice. 

Where we are now

  • We’ve launched the AAMC Center for Health Justice in September 2021 as a space to come out of our siloes and work together to build a case for health justice. The AAMC is committed to partnering with other organizations, community leaders, and community members to develop this important effort.  

  • We’ve created the Principles of Trustworthiness project to help institutions build community connections in areas such as humility, authenticity, intersectionality, and long-term commitment. 

  • In partnership with the AMA, the center published the Advancing Health Equity: AMA-AAMC Guide on Language, Narrative, and Concepts. Designed for physicians and other health care professionals, this publication provides guidance and promotes a deeper understanding of equity-focused, first-person language and why it matters. 

What happens next

  • In conjunction with Action Plan 7’s building confidence in COVID-19 vaccines, the center is awarding grant opportunities to create and enhance effective partnerships, build vaccine confidence, and grow trust within health care and local communities.  

  • Based on September’s public opinion polling, the center has released a trustworthiness research brief that shows significant differences in trust by age, income, race, and sector.

  • In partnership with the REDCap team at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, we are developing a cloud-based version of the Health Equity Inventory with enhanced reporting, data sharing capabilities, and greater applicability to sectors beyond medicine. 

  • We are convening a multisector expert partner group from sectors representing the diverse social and political determinates of health at the national and local levels. A national call for nominations will occur in early 2022.  

Ways to get involved

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