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    ROCC Member Spotlight: Ronald M. Przygodzki, MD

    Ronald M. Przygodzki, MD, is Director of Genomic Medicine Implementation, and Associate Director of the Genomic Medicine Program, Office of Research and Development at the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). His previous leadership roles (private and public sectors) include being Director, Biomedical Laboratories R&D at the VA, as Chief of Pathology at the Children's National Medical Center, and as Associate Director of the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, all in Washington, DC. He conceptualized, drafted, and guided implementation of the Million Veteran Program, one of the largest mega-biobanks worldwide. To learn more, download Dr. Przygodzki’s ROCC Star Profile.

    Genomic Research and the Million Veteran Program

    Learn about ongoing research from the Million Veteran Program (MVP), launched in 2011 by the Veterans Affairs Office of Research and Development to study how genes affect health and use the findings to improve care for veterans. Sponsored by the AAMC’s Research on Care Community (ROCC), the webinar examined findings from the first reported studies, present future program goals, and highlight potential opportunities for using MVP data to advance clinical care.

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