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    Research on Care Community (ROCC)

    The Research on Care Community (ROCC) is an AAMC-member organization whose members share an interest in integrating research into care delivery. They include a range of leaders from academic medicine, such as CEOs, deans, chief medical officers, vice presidents, chairs, and other faculty.

    ROCC fosters collaboration between researchers and clinical providers who are engaged in clinical and translational research to improve quality, safety, health equity and outcomes of their own patient populations. ROCC currently has over 1,000 members who are affiliated with 256 leading medical schools, teaching hospitals, and academic societies.

    Through capacity building and enhancing peer-to-peer learning, ROCC supports members focused on identifying and leading approaches that advance:

    • health system and research integration

    • alignment of research and quality improvement

    • institutional commitment to clinical effectiveness and implementation research scholarship