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Our Research Issues

The AAMC is a leading voice and advocate for the full spectrum of medical research.

We work to ensure that our members' perspective are incorporated into federal legislation and regulation on issues such as implementation & dissemination research, health care delivery research, community & population research, comparative clinical effectiveness research, patient outcomes research, and more.

Foundational to all these disciplines is basic discovery research, and the AAMC is committed to ensuring that the US basic research enterprise remains strong and vibrant.


Assessing & Communicating the Value of Biomedical Research

Biomedical research positively affects society in many ways, but traditional metrics used to assess the impact of research focus on outcomes that are mainly of interest to the academic community.


Researcher making experiment with liquid substances in flasks.

Regulating Research

Federal and state agencies regulate biomedical research with the goals of protecting the safety of research subjects, the privacy of patients, the integrity of federal funds, and more. We support our members' efforts to promote ethical research practices while advancing life-saving & life-improving discoveries.


Scientists working with a microscope in research laboratory

Research Training

Academic medical centers play a leading role in training the next generation of scientists. These researchers are trained across the continuum of research disciplines- to ensure future breakthroughs to improve health and transform health care.


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Basic Science

We advocate for basic research, as part of the continuum from laboratory-based science to clinical and translational investigation to studies in and with communities and whole populations.


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Clinical Research

We believe that academic medical centers are uniquely responsible for providing both the institutional support and the rigorous training necessary to conduct high quality, hypothesis-driven clinical research and to nurture physician-scientists equipped to exploit scientific opportunities.


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Animals in Research

The AAMC strongly affirms the essential and irreplaceable role of research involving live animals in the advancement of biological knowledge, human health and animal welfare.


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Stem Cell Research

The therapeutic potential of human embryonic stem cells is remarkable and could well prove to be one of the most significant paradigm-shifting advances in the history of medical science.


Washington Highlights

Brief updates on the latest legislative and regulatory activities affecting academic medicine

Testimony & Correspondence

Congressional testimony, letters to Capitol Hill and federal agencies, and comment letters on policy issues and federal regulations