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Innovations in Patient Care

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The pioneering innovations that have been developed and continue to happen at medical schools and teaching hospitals save lives and improve the quality, safety, and affordability of care for patients nationwide. Simply put – these groundbreaking advancements change lives for the better. 

Medical schools and teaching hospitals are the unique intersection of medical research, patient care, and education, making them prime locations to develop, teach, and utilize cutting-edge medical innovations that are improving health care for all.

Academic medicine’s role in breast cancer treatment innovation

Women who may once have found breast cancer a devastating diagnosis now have life-saving options and improved interventions due to innovative therapies.

Driving innovative health care solutions for underserved populations

Access to health care is not enough for patients who face problems accessing healthy foods or transportation to get to medical appointments.

U.S. teaching hospitals care for the tiniest hearts

Families that once faced losing their babies to infant congenital heart defects have options for life-saving interventions.

Teaching hospitals take the lead in stroke treatment

Suffering a stroke can be a devastating event, but America’s medical schools and teaching hospitals are providing innovative approaches to saving lives, improvi

Mending broken hearts

Many of the most effective innovations in cardiac care were developed at medical schools and teaching hospitals, and they continue to push the frontiers of trea

Innovations in Health Technology: Telehealth

Learn about developments in telehealth technology and practice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Academic health centers save millions of lives

Medical schools and teaching hospitals educate the next generation of physicians, conduct live-saving research, and care for the most medically complex patients

Medical schools and teaching hospitals are responsible for many of the most important and innovative breakthroughs in medicine and patient care of the past century. Explore the timeline below.