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Association of American Medical Colleges

Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences

Biomedical Research: What is it?

Biomedical research is the exploration of processes that govern the functioning of molecules, cells, and organisms in health and disease.

Biomedical Scientists: Who are they?

Biomedical scientists bridge the gap between the basic sciences and medicine. The Ph.D. degree is the gateway to a career in biomedical research.

Biomedical scientists:

  • Think outside the box and are innovators
  • Are critical and analytical thinkers
  • Get excited by discovering new things
  • Look at biology and see previously unrecognized patterns
  • Enjoy the freedom to pursue interesting questions
  • Have the persistence to a see a project through from small beginnings to great discoveries
  • Want to improve the human condition through their work
  • See the power of biomedical research to change the world

About This Site

The content on this site was developed by the Aspiring Biomedical Scientists Committee of the AAMC's Graduate Research, Education and Training (GREAT) Group. The GREAT Group serves as a national forum to help Ph.D., M.D.-Ph.D., and postdoctoral training programs educate successful biomedical researchers.