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VSAS Resources for Host Institutions

Don't forget to visit the FAQ section for answers to our users' most common questions and please don't hesitate to contact the VSAS Helpdesk with any additional questions or concerns you may have!

VSAS Help Desk
Monday - Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. ET
Telephone: 202-478-9878


Host Institution Planning Handout *Helpful for New Host Institutions* - Outlines host institution functions01/2014
Elective Catalog Management Instructions on managing existing electives01/2014
VSAS Tips: Using Filters Tips for using VSAS filters when processing applications01/2014
Elective Catalog File Requirements File specifications for 2014-2015 elective catalogs12/2013
VSAS Info for Prospective Hosts Info packet for prospective 2014 host institutions09/2013
Closing Elective Block Dates Instructions for closing elective block dates when they are filled08/2011
VSAS Application Data Detailed description of the data captured in an application, including verification statements11/2011

Online Tutorials

The following tutorials will walk you through VSAS setup and host school tasks. Please note: there is no audio.

VSAS Setup Tutorial #1 Create a new role and institution user

VSAS Setup Tutorial #2 Modify an e-mail template

VSAS Host Tutorial #1 Upload an elective catalog

VSAS Host Tutorial #2 Edit an elective's details

VSAS Host Tutorial #3 Export elective catalog

VSAS Host Tutorial #4 Set an applicant's eligibility status

VSAS Host Tutorial #5 Schedule or deny an application

VSAS Host Tutorial #6 Approve or reject scheduled applications (this is an optional step for institutions)

VSAS Host Tutorial #7 Send notifications to applicants

VSAS Training

If you would like additional training on using the VSAS software please visit the VSAS Training Pages.