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Association of American Medical Colleges

Careers in Medicine®

Careers in Medicine

A career planning program that helps medical students choose a specialty and select and apply to residency programs.

Public Health Pathways for Med Students

Public Health Pathways for Med Students

Find public health training opportunities for medical students.

AAMC Resources for Medical Students

Resources for Medical Students

Learn about the AAMC's resources for medical students, including fact sheets, articles, assessments, timelines, and more.

Med Students

Med Student

You're the future of medicine, and we want you to succeed. The AAMC has tools to help you pick a specialty, plan your career, create a financial plan, apply for residency programs, and more.

Succeeding as a Medical Student

What Makes a Medical Student Successful?

This report outlines the non-academic traits shared by successful medical students and residents.
Read the report 

Thinking About Doing an Away Rotation?

The AAMC's Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS) makes it easier to apply to away rotations.
Learn more about VSAS

Interested in Global Learning?

Global Health Learning Opportunities (GHLO®) makes it easier to apply to clinical and research electives abroad.
Learn more about GHLO

Applying to Residency Programs

Apply Smart for Residency

Apply Smart for Residency

Find out how to be strategic and proactive in your approach to applying for residency positions.

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Researching Residency Programs

Knowing how to research residency programs and effectively craft the list of programs you'll apply to will enable you to enjoy the most options and will maximize your likelihood of making a good match.

The Cost of Applying for a Medical Residency

Since many of the costs of applying to residency programs may not be covered by student loans, it's important to try and keep these costs under control.

New AAMC Resource

Student Hub rail pic

Check out a preview of the AAMC's all-new website for pre-meds, students, and residents navigating their medical careers.


Apply to Residency Programs

Apply to Residency Programs

External Resources

Change of Plans?

Awards for Medical Students

Share Your Story

Jasmine Johnson

If you're a medical student or resident and would like to participate in an Inspiring Stories interview, please contact for more information.